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Discover The Lost Tapes
Send Telepathic Signals To Yourself In The Past, Encounter Dimensional WildLife, Invoke Real Paranormal Phenomena At Will, And Be A Fly One The Wall For The Most Fascinating Insider Discussions On A Plethora Of Topics That Range From: Secret Ancient Schools Of Mastery, Off-Grid Intelligences, Living Breathing Anomolies, And How-To Lessons On Spotting Advanced Beings Who Walk Amongst Society.

 Also Learn Powerful Self-Awareness Techniques That Will Heighten Your Ability To Observe Your Own Behavior, Vividly See Yourself Automating (As It's Happening) And Powerful Ways To Redesign The Self
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Imagine finding a treasure chest filled with old dusty cassette tapes labeled obscurely with small bits of masking tape and old faded sharpie markings.

These are not just any cassette tapes, the information and the conversations that were captured on these particular recordings is a manifestation of something truly magical and wondrous; one could almost say it was a manifestation of the universe attempting to communicate its greatest secrets, to whoever were fortunate enough to have stumbled upon its contents and listen.

It just so happens that today, that person is you. You pop in one of the cassettes and almost instantaneously, you're transported to a world where the ultimate answers to questions you have been yearning to understand your entire life are understood.

You can feel the undertone of truth and it fills your heart and spirit with a knowing, a familiarity of something once lost, re-assembling itself in the here and now. You feel like a kid in a candy store, or a fly on the wall who has just become privy to a secret guild of advanced spiritual/psychic knowledge.

You learn to develop an ability called time stepping; the act of influencing and communicating messages to yourself through time.

You learn how to access and understand the 
real akashic records, and sort the truth from the fiction.  You learn of the existence of Super Beings, the possibilities of other-worldly intelligence and the origins of the human race.

The Truth is Indeed,  Stranger Than Fiction

While at the same time it's logical, it makes sense, you can see how certain things could exist that the matrix would have you believe cannot.

You even get a glimpse into the a
fter life. What is it really like to exist freely as the energy being that you are, unencumbered by the demands of a physical body, free to roam the body of gods multi-universe in your most natural state of being.

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The Archive Series Is Comprised Of 8 Modules, Over 12 Hours Of Riveting Content

Now And Only Now...
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Journey Into The Cosmos 
Complete Archive Recording, Eric holds no punches as he expresses to his students the sheer expanse of the universe by comparison to our every day lives, he explains the immense importance of reflecting on this and how it will become a source of food to elevate your consciousness to new heights. 
Mastering The Mechanism
In this class, Eric goes through several training exercises for building your awareness and reflecting on ones automations and patterns that hold us in place. Eric explains how he is able to accelerate his students so quickly and what are the risks one should become aware of. 
Other Ordinary Life
Have you ever gazed up at the night sky, marveling at the thousands of visible stars and wondered if we are alone in this endless expanse? As our knowledge of the universe increases, this simple question is replaced by more complex questions, as well as the urge to find more complete and satisfying answers. Are the mysteries surrounding bizarre forms of intelligent life to be ignored as some suggest? Of course not! In Other Ordinary Life, Eric explores numerous baffling questions and gives surprising answers about the advanced civilizations that are scattered throughout the universe. He continues with a detailed explanation about unique forms of intelligent life that exists amongst us. Super Beings, Immortals, Future Meets The Past and How to locate living anomolies who walk amongst us. 
What Are You Waiting For
Eric discovers that a few of his personal students have been slacking off. When they're with their teacher, they act as if they are truly committed to their spiritual path but when they're away from their teacher, they lack the necessary consistency to gain any measurable progress in their spiritual growth.After dedicating a considerable amount of time towards the creation of a technique schedule, Eric is disappointed to learn that the students who requested this schedule have abandoned their practices and forgotten about their spirituality.Their mistakes will serve as valuable lessons for you while you gain insights into your own progression and degree of commitment.
Akashic Records, A Dummy And You
You’re probably familiar with the term Akashic Records as it is briefly mentioned in numerous metaphysical books and audio courses. Many mystics and authors describe it as a vast collection of all the information contained within the confines of planet Earth. In Akashic Records, A Dummy and You, Eric pushes the boundaries and really explores this complex topic. Laid out in plain English (no science degrees required) this knowledge can completely change the way you perceive the Akashic Records, the consciousness of the planet and, ultimately, your very existence. Prepare for an exploration that transcends the limits of ordinary perception.
The First Sunrise
Do you ever marvel at the sheer size and complexity of the Universe? As Eric teaches, the Universe is an intelligent consciousness. So, how does the Universe think, in order to even begin to understand the thought processes of something as vast as the Universe, you need to comprehend to the micro-universe within your own bodies. In The First Sunrise, Eric shows us how we can use that frequency. One of the greatest secrets to discovering your own consciousness is revealed in The First Sunrise.
Dimensions, Walk With Me
When you walk, do you ever pay attention to what you are doing or do you simply focus on your destination? There are keys embedded within the act of walking that, when put together, have the ability to dramatically shift your consciousness, enabling you to see the dimensional objects and entities that remain unknown to those who operate in a normal state of consciousness. In this module, Eric teaches the ins and outs of a  technique called "Dimension Walking," There are thousands of dimensions that overlap our physical dimension but we don't experience them because our consciousness primarily vibrates at a different frequency. Dimension Walking causes our frequency to elevate, thus opening our minds to the possibilities that lay beyond this dimension.
Time Stepping
What if you could travel through time to communicate with your future self, or yourself in a past moment? It can be exciting to imagine this possibility, but what about actually doing it. Have you ever contemplated the process? How would you communicate with your past or your future self, and what would you tell yourself? There are many considerations to take into account. Rest assured, you don't have to go out and buy a Delorean with a flux capacitor. In Time Stepping, you get the knowledge and understanding you need.
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