Complete Your Spiritual Quest

Complete Your Spiritual Quest

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Experiences: The Catalyst To Ultimate Realization

The Catalyst To Ultimate Realization

Over one thousand favorable reviews in just a few short years is no stroke of blind luck. It's because from start to finish, Eric enraptures the reader with one piercing revelation after another and doesn't let up. By the time you close the last page of the final book, you're privy to over 100 techniques that serve to effectively teach you, the reader, a new language of communication.

This is the language of the Universe. A series of keys that pave a direct link back to the Source Code, The Great Architect, AKA God... Along this journey, you'll learn how to master real telepathy, mind projection, scanning, the art of energy healing, akashic records: fact from fiction, and a mystical state of consciousness known only as "The In-between." In brilliant detail, Eric explains how to shift your mind into profound altered states of consciousness, naturally. In this place, you can visually see how energy converts into molecular structure, building this dimension. You are now entering the back door to reality. With practice and proper guidance, you'll learn to experience deep mystical states without the aid of substances or psychedelics that often reap havoc on the organic brain.

Other Specialized Techniques Include:

 Dimensional Dreaming:  This is the next level up from lucid dreaming, an opportunity for the soul to begin a process of reanimation.

 Time Stepping: Communicate emotional messages to yourself at different points in your timeline when you needed it most.

 Energy Mastery: Learn to feel, see, absorb and manipulate the conscious energy that permeates all things in this reality.

 The Power of Surrender: Free your mind from the deep-seated emotional baggage weighing you down spiritually so that you can take flight and rise above like the mythical phoenix from the ashes.

 The truth about reincarnation, deep insights into the future, virtual worlds, a deep dissection of the matrix, and so much more.

 This work is chock full of inspiring, deeply moving words of wisdom from on the fly answers to a seeker's most pressing questions, all delivered in a fashion like only Eric has shown able to do. This is the pillar of metaphysical understanding, where the spiritual meets the paranormal and both converge in the understanding that there is no such thing as magic - Only science we have yet to develop the tools to measure.

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The modern mystic’s guide to gaining unlimited spiritual energy, accessing higher consciousness and meditation techniques for spiritual growth.

Modern World Spirituality

Meditation Within Eternity was specially designed to give you maximum results with minimum effort. It’s really an “all in one” meditation technique.


"Meditation Within Eternity” is a journey into the heart of being spiritual in the modern world. Practical yet provocative, it pushes the limits of what spirituality is conceived to be. It is the extraordinary yet invisible aspect of the universe we have forgotten how to touch, hear and see.

This guide offers simple methods to gain unlimited spiritual energy – a forgotten resource and the reason why most seekers fail to truly grow spiritually. It also solves the missing link to accessing higher consciousness: the magnetic sense, or sixth sense, each of possesses. Following simple techniques and practical advice you will learn how it is possible to tap into the source code of reality.

“Meditation Within Eternity” provides easy, short meditation techniques for real spiritual growth. It serves a humble purpose – to give you the ability to experience spiritual awakening for yourself. To become one with the consciousness of the Universe.

Digital Only $4.49

Once I started to read, I couldn't stop. It is Grand, as God or the Universe is, but broken down in a way as to not overwhelm the reader. It is full and dense, but done in a way to help navigate the reader through the idea's and concepts. I bought the book because I wanted to tap into a better understanding of meditation, and I finished with a better understand of self, and how to explore and expand upon that reality. . . .our reality.

As a life-long meditator, I've read a variety of books on the subject but this stands way ahead of the pack. In fact it's in a realm of it's own. The process easy to understand and the author pulls out the stops and brings this lofty subject down to earth.

It deserves five stars because it delivers 5-star content with a sincerity as if a friend was guiding to you. It takes the 'abracadabra' out of the topic and provides an easy-to-understand process. Following Mr. Pipin's advice with consistency, you will get results, accessing higher consciousness and achieving spiritual growth and serenity the world cannot give. I've found his books all very useful and they build from this meditation book.


From the author of the #1 spiritual bestseller "Meditation Within Eternity"The lost human sensory that holds the key to spiritual awakening and unlocking the power of the universe

Igniting the Sixth Sense deals with the magnetic sense that allows birds, whales, bees and many other animals to detect and use magnetic fields in ways that seem impossible for humans. Yet, we possess this same natural ability. What happens if you combine a modern human with an active, magnetic sensory? They display skills and abilities that seem, at times, superhuman.

Eric Pepin, the #1 spiritual Amazon bestselling author of Meditations Within Eternity and The Handbook of the Navigator, takes you on a journey where you will:

  Learn how to access a larger memory beyond your own; The Akashic Records
  Discover the method of magnetic prana attraction that makes the entire Universe react to who you are and what you want
  Enhance every mind, body and spiritual technique your practice. Including martial arts and more
  Use a 15 minute miracle technique that gives you nearly unlimited amounts of energy
  Create a ‘psychic buffer’ so you aren’t overwhelmed, harmed or influenced by energy and thoughts of others
  Explore the secret to programming your own energy field

And that’s just the beginning. There are more than 280 pages, packed with in-depth knowledge and effective techniques you can easily apply. It’s all here, and it works.

Digital now available for only $6.10

Top Customer Reviews

The book Meditation within Eternity was the foundation. This book is the launching pad. I have never seen such powerful knowledge printed in a book. The "High Guard" chapter on energy defense was extremely informative. I imagine monks practicing the techniques in secret in a monastery. The two techniques were extremely well explained and I felt them working on my very first attempt.

The "Akashic Records" chapter was even better. Edgar Cayce work gave me some understanding but a very different expectation. Eric's description is much richer and more detailed, including some information about how might try to approach this kind of knowledge yourself. I can only imagine how this kind of information might change the world if it becomes more widely known.

And "assimilation"? Is this a scientific explanation for "skin-walkers"? It explains so much.

The chapter on raising spiritual children is my favorite. I can't remember another spritiual book covering this topic that is important to those of us with kids.

At times, this book can quickly move from topic to topic, but each short topic is jam-packed with information to consider, meditate on, and learn from.

I was first introduced to Eric Peppin a few years ago when several people were debating whether his material was better than Holosync. There are people on both sides of the argument, and I can't give a final answer other than to say most people rate him either 1st or 2nd place, either is outstanding. What I can say is that his material is very thorough, and is some of the top rated material on spiritual growth and meditation. What is great about Peppin is that he is not stingy with his work. Many people give only partial material and then lure you to buy more material to get the rest of the information. Peppin does not do that, his work is complete, and this book is not exception, coming in at almost 300 pages. You don't have to buy this and then buy more of his material to get a full course, it is all here. On a side note, I once scratched my CDS from his program, I contacted customer service (over 3 years after the purchase) and told them my dilemma. They forwarded me all the recordings for free and said, "Welcome back." Total class act!!

Riveting, Astonishing, Revolutionary Truths - that will blow your mind and make you question reality.

This book contains knowledge so powerful, it will shock you to the very core of your being and stir an ancient part of yourself. Say goodbye to the black and white world you once knew, you will not finish this book as the same person you were, when you started it.

I once managed a metaphysical book store. Nothing and I truly mean --Nothing-- at all, even remotely compares to this book!

The Author Delivers New, Ground Breaking, Never Before Heard of Material!
This book changed my life in a very positive way~

It seems Impossible to NOT have your Sixth Sense Ignited after reading this book!


From the bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity and Igniting the Sixth Sense, Eric Pepin.


The mythical bird returns to the place of its origin to die in a burst of flame, only to rise up from the ashes, resurrected, stronger than before.

Imagining this extraordinary event, the most powerful element is the brief, silent moment between the explosive end of this noble creature and its wondrous rise. Infused and radiating all the power and glory of creation.

Join Eric Pepin, #1 bestselling spiritual author of Igniting the Sixth Sense and Meditation within Eternity, as he guides you to discover:

  How to direct the power of energy healing through every cell in your body
  How to go beyond reading facial features to the state of true telepathy
  How to remove emotional and energetic blockages, that hold you in place
  The technique to rewrite past memories and heal psychic attachments
  How to use changes in your perception of reality to rapidly evolve your consciousness
  How to tap into an endless flow of knowing, inner peace and vital energy
  How to sharpen your sixth sense and intuition for anything you apply it to

When you read Silent Awakening, like the great Phoenix, you will find what often feels like death, is instead rebirth. Your soul transformed; forged anew.

Digital Only $6.10


By Lorajynne on December 17, 2013

This is the best book, so far by Eric J. Pepin. It is a gift of knowledge, experience, a guide to show you how he does what he does so you can do it too; it's truly inspiring. Doesn't surprise me if it is one of the top spiritual books of all time. Eric Pepin is a fantastic teacher - a step above the rest. Don't hesitate to buy this book, and when you do, find a hide-a-way place where you can sit back and escape within this book. It will take you to new heights!



By A. Provost on December 16, 2013

This book was very hard to put down once I started reading it. The knowledge contained inside is more powerful than any that I have come across in my studies of spirituality. The most powerful for me was the part about surrender. This technique will be put into place immediately for many emotional issues that I have been holding on to for decades.

In addition to surrender many other techniques are discussed including telepathy (and what it really is), time stepping (a technique to help your past self along the way), energy healing, and more! If you have an interest in any of these areas of spiritual growth, this book is for you! It is not for the faint of heart or the non-believer. You have to believe to see. If you want the next step in your spiritual evolution, Silent Awakening is it!


The latest book by Eric Pepin, bestselling spiritual author of “Meditation Within Eternity” and “Igniting the Sixth Sense”

Develop Your Spiritual Presence, Awaken the Inner Master and Explore Hidden Realities…

You sit content. At peace. In perfect silent harmony. Your eyes do not stare blankly, they see what others cannot, witnessing the dance of the overlapping multiverse. World’s phase and pass through each present moment. All of the time held in the gaze of your immortal mind.

What if you could:

* Meditate to “the sound of God”, triggering an enlightened state of consciousness, anywhere at any time
* Effectively balance your brain hemispheres for laser-focus and deep intuition
* Quickly enter a higher state normally only experienced after a lifetime of practice

That is the moment you sit as a master. Within you exists the building blocks of stars, trillions of years old, present since the dawn of the universe. Deeper and older still, lies a presence every seeker is aware of, yet few ever awaken.

Waking the Immortal Within is the result of lessons spanning decades from Eric Pepin, the #1 bestselling spiritual author of Igniting the Sixth Sense and Meditations Within Eternity, as he reverse-engineers his own process of awakening.

You will discover:

  A simple exercise that will activate your sixth sense in less than a minute
  How to enhance your meditations and use them to improve every area of your life
  The subtle designs in evolution and what it means for your spiritual journey
  How the body absorbs energy, even while you sleep… And how to take advantage of those methods
  A technique to shift your mind between dimensions; a skill that empowers you to see hidden layers of reality
  How to speak and the words you use will make or break your spiritual growth

Digital Only $6.10

I listened to the audio version of this material in the past probably two years ago. It had been awhile and reading the words in black and white helped me to get this on another level. What I like most about the author’s style of explaining things is that you can tell he has actually been there. This is not theoretical; it is a map of thought for experiencing something new.

I did not read this in order to dissect it intellectually. I approached it with an open mind to see what kind of experience I might take with me.

I would say to set aside as much time as you can to absorb this book. I was experiencing movement within myself as I read. After reading the first chapter, I spent a few hours alone in my room practicing observance of the identities and doing the tone exercise in the way he describes.

I was able to hear a tone intermittently. It did correlate with my focus and whether I had words in my head just like the author describes. Then I heard two tones, one on each side for a bit. The interesting thing for me is when I relaxed into the experience, not only did I hear tones but I felt a pressure on the left side of my head and felt fluid movements around my body. I believe I was feeling my own energy moving around me and through me. The best way I can describe it is like I was no longer just my human body shape completely because I could feel the space around my body like having another body overlaid.


By Nikita on July 7, 2014

It doesn't take long to feel incredible shifts in your perceptions when reading this book. The intro alone invokes the spirit so deeply that one could be completely content with just this one experience. But it is this one experience, and all the others that have lead to this book, that inspires you to read more...

How does one even begin to comprehend the complexities of our own minds, let alone the entire universe? It is no easy task to take on, but by reading this book you will begin to peel back the layers and unravel the truth of who and what you really are. Waking the Immortal Within goes beyond the generalized "ego" and dives into much deeper levels of this matrix, revealing multi-faceted "I's" that control and automate us every day. It can shock you at first because even when you think you've come to the core of your being, you discover it is just another one of these "I's" pretending to be the real you. The teachings in this book help you analyze this programming and become more aware - the recognition alone will be a great awakening. Guaranteed you will have numerous realizations about yourself and the world around you as you reflect on this material. I have heard these teachings before, many times, in audio format and yet I still had several personal breakthroughs!

The Tone meditation technique that is taught in Waking the Immortal Within has come to be known as the most important tool for navigating your mind through time and space. Imagine the exploration and discoveries that are possible when you begin to practice and perfect this skill! If you already meditate and want to "take it to the next level" then this is what you've been looking for.


Psychic abilities – the link between paranormal and spiritual realities

The ultimate reality. Many contemplate, some know truly exists –  But only the precious few ever see.

Guild of PSI leads you down a seldom-thread path: the spoken language the universe called feels-like. Learn how to influence reality with a method called dimensional jumping. This is an accurate technique for astral projection and entering dreams. You are now standing in the intersection between paranormal experiences and higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

To the uninitiated these appear as two unrelated schools of thought. But the person of knowledge and seeker of truth, realizes that only at the crossroads between these two paths lies the entrance to higher levels of reality.

Digital Only $7.10 

It delivers, honestly information that most meditation/self-help books avoid. Top of his game, Pepin cuts through the rhetoric. This book gives you tried-and-true techniques that have been used by real people, thereby delivering real experiences. If you use them results will follow. Ahead of his time, Pepin offers you a pathway for the mental adventurer without drugs. He reminds us that we are our own resource. A must read.


By NJgirl on May 2, 2015

This book is chock full of information. The Q&A section was spot on as well. Thank you Mr Pepin for your vast knowledge and informative teachings. I will reference this book in times of knowledge needed.



pre·scient /ˈpreSH(ē)ənt/ adjective
having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.


Prescience Is More Than Seeing The Future

It's a state of limitless awareness not restricted by time or space. It is to have presence in all time, in all places, all at once.

Imagine having access to the entire collection of human experience. You see all, feel all. Your visions span from extraordinary future worlds to ancient civilizations. You are a seer of time. Through the backdoor of your mind's eye, you choose your destination, fixate your gaze and all that was hidden no longer remains in question.

Digital Only $8.99 

I have read quite a few of the books by Eric Pepin. I won't say I agree with him on every topic, but I do certainly find value in his works. He has written extensively on humanistic potential and does so with so little ego. Between all of his books I struggle to think of a topic that he hasn't covered from meditation, to chakras, to spirits, to psychic viewing, critiques of traditional religious theology, etc. His unique perspective on life has kindled a lot of growth in my own spirituality and I thoroughly enjoy his work.

This is indeed a very large book, packed with a lot of material you may not comprehend all of the first time through. As he mentions many times throughout his book though, if you stand in the rain you'll get wet. Keep seeking knowledge and eventually you'll find it soaks in.


By Mahoney on November 9, 2015

The Sleeper must Awaken and surely will if one practices the techniques in this book. This is the real deal people and as such I hope you treat it responsibly. This author calls it like it is! Be ready to connect with everything with a new upgraded mind. These teaching are the Red Pill sit back and buckle up...byby Kansas!

Have you ever had questions you never knew you always wanted answered, and when they were, those answers opened up your mind in wondrous, unimaginable ways, completely changing how you saw the world?

The knowledge contained in this book did just that for me. The answers provided, the techniques given, are the kind that creates massive Paradigm Shift. The kind that change you for the better.

My Mind is Officially Blown, and I'm sure after reading it, and trying the techniques, your mind will be too. Just wait, you'll see!

Thanks Eric for releasing this book! This is the Real Deal no doubt about it!

The Complete Digital Set Can Be Yours Today For Only $38

The best small investment in the self you’ll ever make, guaranteed!