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What If You Had Your Own Personal Guru At Your Side, Guiding And Directing You In Your Practices Every Day? 
Sticking to regular, consistent regimen of practice is one of the greatest challenges students face.

The daily demands of life can feel relentless.

Fears and desires vying for attention. Emotions run high as a tug of war takes place within your consciousness and before you know it, you’re caught up in the undertow… You take pause only to realize you haven’t meditated, or done anything spiritual all week.

You’ve forgotten your mindfulness… Forgotten the most important thing to maintain… Your connection to Source… That which centers you, makes you feel at peace, in balance and most of all, alive.

Without a guru by your side, reminding you to practice, giving you a range of exercises to do to keep it fresh from automation, you can easily find yourself adrift… Spiritually asleep for weeks, months or even years at a time… Recognizing these challenges, Eric Pepin created the Guru Deck. A simple, yet powerful tool to keep your sensory limber, and your connection strong…

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