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Why not add on an amazing glimpse into the depths of who and what you really are?

Are you ready for what you might find?

If you can begin to realize who and what you really are, the layers and mandalas of your Hyper Dimensional mind will unlock and make themselves known to you.

You have known your whole life that there was the potential for something great within you. It can be a bit scary when you begin to awaken to who and what you really are, and it is a solemn and sacred piece of your being that compels you to take a step into that place.

All of your life has been leading you to the realization of your truest nature, of what is locked within.

Through all the experiences that you have built, you are gaining the tools to unlock this hidden gem within.

You may have had glimpses of this when you look in the mirror and see an intense presence staring back at you.

In meditation, you may have sensed a vastness or a fire in your dimensional consciousness. That you have sensed this unspoken enormity it raises the question.

Will you choose to take on the sacred responsibility of bringing that presence across into who you are here? Will you awaken?

Will you be a super being?

Here Are some Highlights of the program:

-> This is an Old School class before the days of Higher Balance and gives a rare and never before released glimpse into Eric broadcasting and teaching from a very high state.

-> If the moment is right you can tap in across time and shift very deeply into the moment as if you were there in the room. 

-> Eric explains how enlightened beings get here and why we don’t awaken with our full knowledge.

-> The reasons behind how and why you have not found this material by chance.

-> What lay lines or planetary chakras are on the planet and how they can be used to amplify and quicken you into massive revelations and dimensional mind downloads.

-> The necessity of fluidity and why Eric teaches, very purposefully the way that he does. 
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