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Do you want to find Enlightenment in this life? The Complete Core Package Gives You More Than Enough Leverage. This Material Contains The Answers To Every Question You Ever Wanted to Know, And The Most Transformation Tools and Techniques You Could Ever Dream of, With ZERO % fluff!

See The World Through The Eyes Of A Living Spiritual Enigma

"Once You know, you can never unknow, this knowledge will drastically change your life forever." ~ Peter I

"Eric leaves no stone unturned, there is no going back, once you know, you will be forever changed" ~ Cole P

"It's more than any college can possibly offer, and as far as I am concerned, Eric is the foremost authority on all things mystic and spiritual. I have never come across anything like this in all my years of searching." ~ Diane P

"Eric wastes no time, he cuts straight to the answers you want and crave, instead of dancing around it with clever spiritual sayings like most gurus do, Eric equips his students with more knowledge than all others combined. This material hasn't just changed my life, it has completely transformed by existence from the inside out. I am not the same person I was when I found this, not by a long shot!" - Roy Proctor 
The Total Core System is comprised of over 100 hours of advanced spiritual knowledge that dissects everything you could ever desire to know about the Universe, God and your role as an awakening super consciousness in the making. 

If you had a chance to sit down with a living conduit of the Force, what would you ask? 

This training will teach you about navigating time and space, all things paranormal, how to invoke spiritual and mystical experiences with guided training material and in depth answers to the countless array of questions you probably have. 

You'll learn about time influence, time travel, immortals, the truth about the akashic records, the bigger picture of what everything is and where it is evolving towards. You will literally get the answers you have been looking for your entire life, many of which you may had given up hope that you would ever be able to know. Answers like how did we evolve, the origins of spiritual beings and beyond that, the ultimate answer of all, how did God itself, come into existence out of nothingness? Never will you be so satisified in the core of your being that you have found the ultimate source of truth. There is an inner knowing and this material is setting off alarm bells inside of you, it is designed to help you remember who and what you really are. 
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Other Material You Will Get
-Powerful guided exercises, meditations that will give you an instant boost of powerful spiritual energy. 

- How to attain a peace that transcends the word peace, bliss that goes beyond bliss, and love from a source that cannot be explained in any human language. 

- Super charge your 6th sense with the most effective techniques you can possibly learn

- Become an expert in all things metaphysical, paranormal and mystical. A modern approach to ancient truths, updated for the world we live in today!

- A new level of understanding the world in which we live, the programming of reality and the answers you need to become a master of the great game. Aka Life

- There is never a dull or mundane moment in all of the material, it is all a perfect mandala of answers that lead to greater and greater revelations within you. This knowledge will feed your soul, invigorate your spirit and initiate spiritual experiences on a level like you had never imagined possible. It is literally, unequivocally the most revolutionary body of spiritual work around, light years ahead of anything else. 

-Attain a level of peace that transcends the word peace. This is the most powerful skill you can acquire.

-Unlimited replay value, any time you need a reminder of what is most important in your core? Listen to the module, stand in the rain and you WILL get wet. This is the kind of knowledge that automatically triggers experiences within the listener. 

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