Eric has dedicated his life to awakening others who were seeking out the same answers as himself. Through his ability to access the Gaia consciousness, also commonly known as the akashic records, Eric has maintained that there is no information that cannot be known once one is able to tap into it’s source code. 

Eric Pepin Bestselling Author

Eric Pepin was born January 16, 1967. According to his atheist mother, her newborn baby glowed of a brilliant golden light. Confused, she attempted to gather her senses and refocus only to observe the impossible – the golden light absorbed into Eric.

As a young child, Eric sat upon a cement staircase while looking out at a nearby field and became entranced by the hum of insects. He walked out into the field until he came upon a small pond with a large flat stone reaching out over the water.

As he lay upon the stone, he turned down to face the pond and stared at his reflection, he noticed the mirroring clouds above him while seeing the micro-life of organisms move below his reflection.

At that moment, he was aware of two places at one time. Both microscopic and macrocosmic, The In-between place.

He rolled over and looked into the sky as if it were a giant blue pond and searched for his reflection in it.  The sun and blue sky faded away and a brilliant milky way galaxy filled with stars emerged. Believing the stars were no different than the microorganisms of the pond, he remained in-between the rest of his life.

Throughout his youth, Eric experienced immense psychic phenomena and became highly sought after for his prescient abilities. A child prodigy, he could foresee the future, heal the sick, locate missing persons, detect dimensional vortexes, investigate haunted homes and communicate with entities.

Although Eric is documented in great detail, he refuses to recount his life’s journey, simply stating, “I don’t want to be known as the person who heals the sick or finds missing people. There is a never-ending flow of sadness that fills the world and I alone cannot fill that void.”